Bologna Design Week 2019

Tiles in Paradise. Primordial Decoration and Kinetic Art

A special set-up curated by Ceramica Bardelli + Paradisoterrestre

Primordial and essential decoration, rhythm and asymmetry between futuristic dynamism and kinetic art, It’s Tiles in Paradise’s identity, the project of Ceramica Bardelli and Paradisoterrestre unveiled to the public during the fifth edition of Bologna Design Week.

A special set-up curated by Pierre Gonalons – creative director of Paradisoterrestre gallery, will transform every room into a setting to present and recount previews and new collections.

Among these is Fleurs, the new Fleurs collection designed by Paradisoterrestre for Ceramica Bardelli: a combination of the two realities that blends the original Paradisoterrestre design, inspired by Giacomo Balla’s Fiori Futuristi, with the qualitative of the entirely made in Italy handmade product, added value of Ceramica Bardelli.

Author’s new ceramics, entirely hand-painted, come in four color variations and a range of four solid colors, perfectly coordinated with the decorations. The 26×26 cm format guarantees a unique visual impact, a coating embellishing walls by creating small grafts or extended backgrounds, depending on use.

Ceramica Bardelli latest collections created by important designers will also be exhibited: LINES; design by Storagemilano; a tile collection with a strong architectural character, where the evocative power of line is the protagonist, a prestigious matt brass strip or steel manually incorporated in the enameled surface.

PRIMITIVA; design by Studiopepe; characterized by a primordial and essential decoration with a strong visual impact where the color blends with the materiality of the sign.

ZIP; design by Meneghello Paolelli Associati; a new tile collection interpreting ceramics in a bold way, transforming it into a dynamic visual system, a perpetual balance between rhythm and asymmetry.

23-28 september 2019
via De’ Musei, 4
h 11-20

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